First Baptist Church Woodsfield, OH
Sunday, April 05, 2020
Making Disciples Who Make a Difference in the World


     FBC Woodsfield is a Southern Baptist church located in southeastern Ohio.  Woodsfield is the county seat of Monroe County which has a population of approximately 16,000.  Our church, the only baptist church in the city, is located just off the main square at 114 North Paul Street. 
The First Baptist Church of Woodsfield, Ohio began with a letter written to Dr. Ray Roberts on March 19, 1957, by John E. Lynn. The letter began: "I am writing as a misplaced Southern Baptist. I am now a member of the Methodist Church. Since moving to this community in October, 1956, I have met several Baptists who would be interested in starting a church." 

Through a series of letters, the work began for Southern Baptists in Monroe County. In search of a place to meet, an unused store building (originally the Scott Grant Restaurant, built around 1921) was rented.
     The first meeting was held April 14, 1957 at 103 Paul Street with 14 in Sunday School and 16 in worship service. The growth of the mission was greater than expected due to the influx of many Baptists employed in the construction work on the river and in the county. The new missions was known as the "John Chapel" after the four men who felt they wanted a church that would meet their needs and bring a feeling of roots to those away from family and friends, even though many were not Southern Baptist. Because of their rapid growth, the congregation soon needed a larger building. They were able to rent the rooms above the Citizens National Bank.
     John Ashcraft served as lay pastor until the group felt they were strong enough to organize as a church. As a result of the many different Baptist groups involved in the prayer put into the planning, the constitution for the body of believers was prepared and adopted. The chapel was constituted into the First Baptist Church in January 1958 with 48 charter members. 
     New facilities at 114 North Paul Street were constructed between 1960 and 1963. The new parsonage construction was completed on in 1972. Today, the church continues to be a place where people seeking to know about Jesus Christ can find hope, peace in His Spirit, and eternal life.